Mortgages for Doctors Professionals Teachers

  2. 1. Medical Professionals for this program are all doctors with a MD degree such as: general practitioners (e.g., Family physicians), anesthetists, cardiologists, radiologists, oculists, obstetricians, neurologists, pathologists, ophthalmologists, surgeons, plastic surgeons, psychiatrists.
  5. 2. Dental Professionals for this program include: general practitioners, surgeons, orthodontists, Veterinarians
  8. 3. Teachers and Lawyers

Eligible professionals approved under this program by using income from their two years of Notices of Assessment (NOAs) will have the requirement of two years' evidence of self-employment waived or given special allowance on debt ratios. Mortgages for medical, dental, teacher and legal professionals have a lot of financial needs that are beyond the ability of most other mortgage professionals. You deserve a mortgage specialist that has financial and wealth building education and experience. We can provide advanced financial mortgage planning services, that fit with the medical profession needs for wealth growth.